Hiking in ChamonixI have graded my treks and holidays very loosely into 3 categories. However, if you are in any doubt about the standard of a trek or holiday, don’t hesitate to contact me and discuss your level and requirements. 
The grades work well for summer trips where we know exactly how hard or easy a hike is. For the winter it’s a different deal as the heavy snowfall can change an easy slope into a major undertaking energy wise. 

These grades give an indication of difficulty but each day of a hiking holiday is different and conditions vary. You should not be deterred from a trek or holiday by its grade - be it high or low. Walking in the mountains should be a great pleasure, but often presents a challenge too. The trick is to be sure this challenge is attainable with the amount of effort you wish to put in. 

All the treks and holidays I offer will appeal to anyone who enjoys walking and who appreciates the pleasures of the hills. You will inevitably be tired at times on any of my treks, but that’s the mountains for you - you can expect to walk up and down every day, with the great views that such walking provides. 

The best thing, if in doubt, is to contact me and we can discuss the trip in detail, to help you decide if it is the right one for you.

These treks  are accessible to anyone who is reasonably fit and active and used to regular aerobic exercise. 

These treks  are a little more demanding, either in number of days or in terrain covered. Nevertheless, if you’re active and fit these treks are well within your ability, especially if you do some hillwalking before the trek, or work out in the gym. 

These  are the hardest treks I offer, usually because of the terrain. These are the trips to choose if you’re a keen hillwalker / runner / cyclist and are looking for a good challenge. Any treks involving glacier travel or significant sections of trail protected by cables and chains will get this grade.