For some people a trek or hiking holiday is just one holiday of many, for others an alpine trek can be a life-changing journey. Whatever the experience, I share it too and it’s good to hear back from people afterwards. Here’s some of the more recent feedback.....the first being my very favourite

"Thank you Hilary for the wonderful trip! It was great to see you again. I love your trips because I know we will go to wonderful places that we would never find on our own. Your knowledge of the areas is fantastic and so appreciated! It makes the trip really special - truly a one-of- kind adventure." 2022 

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I have loved my holidays with you. Right from the start I felt in safe hands, you definitely gave me confidence, whilst also having some real adventures, spectacular scenery and off the beaten track exploring.  Your sense of humour, tales of other holidays and your naughty comments were also just up my street!  I had such a laugh with you, We all laughed our way through the week. Memories to cherish!" 2020

"The holiday was once again superb. Provence is really lovely at this time of year and the walking was very enjoyable .The leisure day,too,was fun with the bikes and then the via ferrata.I still feel daunted by the type of climbing you and Jon do but I felt totally exhilarated by my ascent of the rock!  The group worked together well.Thanks again for arranging everything and for leading us through your countryside". 2022

Hilary was a  great guide who brought us through Provence and showed us the most amazing walks that anyone could ever dream of, THANK YOU. We have loved every minute" 2021

"Its many many years since I did the TMB with you and then a few snow shoeing days, but I remember those trips with great affection. In fact those time with you and your subsequent book encouraged and inspired me to do many more hikes, on my own or with a partner. Thank you" 2020

"You probably underestimate the contribution you have made to many people who have been on adventures with you and then gone on to do their own thing...but you never heard from them - so that's why I am writing this". 2022

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I have loved my holidays with you. Right from the start I felt in safe hands, you definitely gave me confidence, whilst also having some real adventures, spectacular scenery and off the beaten track exploring.  Our last trip was my favourite when it all came together in a perfect combination of wonderful weather, fantastic scenery, accommodation and company. We all laughed our way through the week. Memories to cherish! You should be proud of what you have achieved and proud of the love of the mountains that you have passed on to so many other people, particularly me!" 2019

"We have always found you an excellent guide and have enjoyed every holiday we have had under your guidance. We would like to express our great thanks for all you have done for us" 

"Just to say thank you for a really lovely week, good varied walks and lots of laughs" 2022

"Another wonderful trip, with excellent company in beautiful surroundings." 2022

"Thanks for another great trekking experience, we had a great time. Corsica is a beautiful island and your pictures are great. I hope we are able to make it back there some day." 2022

"Some really great photos which convey very successfully the glorious scenery, the spring flowers and the beautiful setting for our treks.
We both enjoyed all of your company very much with some fantastic life stories too." 2022

"Thanks for a great week! Really loved it, and enjoyed all aspects of it. The hikes, the area, the hotel, the company, the Genepi, etc!" 2021

"You may remember me from early 2000’s when I first met you for the Haute route.  A great time, I think, was had by most of us.   You got me into snow-shoeing and, most importantly you gave me a really good insight into the Chamonix area.  Up until lock-down I have thoroughly enjoyed annual trips. Thanks most sincerely  for helping me to have such heartening memories." 2021

"I have hiked with Hilary a number of times and have always found her encouraging, thoughtful, organised and caring. On the latest trek in Devoluy, as a result of a minor accident on the part of a fellow trekker (a simple slip and fall resulting in a sprained/dislocated wrist) I had the chance to see how calmly, skilfully and professionally she deals with such situations, from expertly bandaging the arm/wrist to arranging for medical attention. No-one hopes for such an experience but Hilary couldn’t have dealt with it better." 2020

"Thanks again for a varied and stretching trek." 2018

"Thanks so much for everything Hilary, the whole group absolutely loved the weekend. The hotel was really perfect - exactly what we wanted." 2018

"Great memories of a lovely week. Wish we were still there". 2018

"Thanks for a really great trip. You have transformed my opinion of snow and mountains and given me a winter sport." Dawn January 2017

"Thank you once again for making our snowshoeing safe and fun" Nigel and Libby January 2017

Sincere thanks Hilary for a wonderful expereince snowshoeing in Switzerland. We thoroughly en joyed it and intend to come on anotehr trip with you. You are excellent at what you do and we appreciate your expertise, knowledge and experience. the group were such lovely people, every one of them!" Margaret and John January 2017

"The Alpine trek (Gran paradiso trek) was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I hope someday to sign up again so it doesn't end up as a once in a lifetime experience". Tom July 2016

Congratulations finishing the 25 years, it really is a big acheivement. How about Trekking in the Alps Onwards and Upwards..." Bel August 2016

"Thanks for all you did to make last week such a specail one. We found all the walks great fun and Jon made the rest day a real treat" (Via Ferrata ascent). Geoff and Diane April 2016

"It was a joy getting to hike in the Alps. A lifelong dream finally come true in my 60th year. Thanksyou for helping make that a reality." Helene July 2016

"We both had an amazing time. The feeling of being away from it all and at one with the mountains was very special. We could never have achieved this without your guidance and skill. I always felt safe...even if I did have the occasional wobble. We both really enjoyed your company and wiked sense of humour. I particularly enjoyed the van singing!" Melissa and Alistair March 2016

A fantastic week of walking with fantastic weather and hotel too. Another great week and a fun group led, it goes without saying, with your usual skill and aplomb!" Geoff February 2016

Do it!! My husband and I have been on 2 trips with Hilary and we will join the group of devoted Hilary Hikers!" October 2015

My wife and I would not have been on no less than eight Hilary Sharp holidays if we were not absolutely in awe of her ability to find just the right places to stay and just the right routes to walk combined with a dedication to providing a top class service with it” Sandy June 2015

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. You took us on dazzling hikes we never would have found on our own. The hotel you chose for us was a true delight - a real diamond in the rough. Your help as a translator was also much appreciated. All this while being unfailingly pleasant and all-around great company! We're so grateful to have found you” Abby September 2015

What a fantastic week. It will live long in my memory. I was so happy and thrilled to be in such quiet and wild, high mountain places, relaxed in your safe hands” Flora July 2015

We both rely on you for our winter snowshoeing trips. Your knowledge of the regions and your dedication to finding safe and beautiful hikes will keep us coming back!” Andrew and Jane March 2015

Thanks for the week. You were a very good guide. I always felt absolutely safe with you; I think you pushed us just to the right degree, and you took us to some fab places. Very enjoyable.” Elen March 2015

Thank you all for making our holiday such a great week. I have returned home restored and content after sharing such lovely walks with you all. Thanks for the great company too and chats over beers and genepy”. Anne February 2015

Thank you for making last week possible and so special. When I am showing off my pictures I am thinking "gosh was that me". All the best for the rest of the summer”. Richard August 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful week. I really enjoyed it and appreciated all your guiding skills which allowed us to explore this magnificent island safely and knowledgeably. It was a lovely group of people too which added greatly to the enjoyment! ” Christine June 2015

We will definitely be back again! We really enjoy your company and your trips!”. Chad and Kris July 2015