Why join a Hilary Sharp guided trip?
I say quite a lot below, but if you just want to read a few bullet points here they are
  • I am a long time qualified Hiking Guide, based permanently in France. 
  • British with French nationality, bi-lingual
  • Blessed with great enthusiasm to walk in the hills and mountains, to find quiet and calm, and to see what is round the next bend, on the other side of the hill. 
  • Blessed (or cursed) with an utmost attention to detail

If you're looking for long endless days, hiking from dawn til dusk, then checking step counts and posting our performances on Strava and the like.....don't come with me! I am far more mellow, looking for the beautiful spots to stop and savour the view, to look at the flowers, to have a picnic, and to just enjoy the whole experience of being out there. Don't ask me how far we've walked, I might not know....but I always know at the end of the day if it's been a good one. 

Here is the longer version: 
Trekking in the Alps and Provence is my business and I guide all the treks

I’m English with French nationality, bilingual and have lived in France since 1990. After 24 years in the French Alps near Chamonix, I now live in northern Provence where the year round climate is more clement.

I love to hike, wherever the trail takes me, up to a viewpoint and see what's on the other side. Or to see what is around the next bend in the trail. This innate curisosity has served me well and singles me out from the others doing this job: I will take you to the secret places, the hidden picnic place high above the valley, the unknown summit just off from the main trekking trail, the forest glade where the sun shines through the trees and illuminates a rocky lunchspot.....I will show you what I have found, what I have learned, and we'll also share our knowledge about trees, flowers, animals...anything you find interesting. You won't necessarily get bragging rights with me, you might not do the most famous treks and peaks....but you will have a fantastic experience, far from the crowds, discovering the true beauty of this natural world.  

I have walked and climbed extensively in Britain, Europe, Australia, North America, Africa and Thailand. I trained as a Teacher of Outdoor Education and History at Bangor University and spent several years working in outdoor centres in Britain. I hold the British Summer and Winter Mountain Leader Certificates and the Mountain Instructor Award. I also hold the International Mountain Leader diploma, which is a legal requirement to lead walks in Europe. 

My leisure time sees me rockclimbing, sometimes cycling, and hiking new trails, both for future trips but also just for the sheeer joy of it. BEing permanently resident in France means I am fully integrated into French life and this enhances the trips I offer as I have close relationships with the lodgings and other services I use for my groups, as well as being constantly up to date with the environments where I operate. 

For several years I was a keen mountain runner and participated in many mountain races, including the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail which I completed in 2006 and 2008. This race follows the Tour of Mont Blanc route and is 166kms long with 9400m of ascent and descent.  

I’m very interested in the flora and fauna of the regions and will be happy to share my knowledge with you. I’m also knowledgeable about the history and geology of these areas and am constantly improving my knowledge through research. I work frequently with French groups, both in French and also using my English teaching diploma to teach the language. Working in 2 languages has made me more knowledgeable as the French groups have a more intense interest in botany and the need to learn everything in 2 languages certainly dictates a certain focus on me! 

I’ve written 6 books and contributed to several more - "Trekking in the Western Alps", "Snowshoeing: Mont Blanc and the Western Alps", "Mont Blanc Walks", "Tour of the Matterhorn", "Tour of Monte Rosa", and Chamonix Mountain Adventures. This too has contributed to my depth of knowledge....although that's not to say I don't forget certain facts from time to time!
Guide Monte Rosa massif
My husband is Jon de Montjoye, who is a High Mountain Guide. After 3 decades of guiding high summits, glacier treks and rock climbs, Jon is now retired and enjoying his own climbing in Provence.