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There will be a number of scheduled spring trips for 2018, in both Provence and Corsica. I am also available for private guiding in Provence during April and May, even early June. There is no planned Autumn Provence trip for 2018 as I am hoping to take a holiday myself....but you can ask about private guiding, if I am available I will be happy to do that. For 2018 in addition to my classic Provence Summer Flowers and Scenic Summits week, which has proved to be very popular, I am offering a trip that we did in 2016 and found to be quite stunning. It straddles the northern part of Provence and the southern Vercors -- Hidden Provence. This week has 2 bases, and features a mix of walks from typical Provence scenery of olives and lavender, and also the spectacular Trois Becs region, a hiker’s paradise near the renowned village of Saou. And there is a trip that we did very successfully in 2017, Gorgeous Provence which takes us from the coastal scenery around Grasse to the stunning Verdon Gorge. All my Provence trips enjoy wonderful rugged walking interspersed with more gentle strolls. They also all include include opportunities to sample the wonderful food of the region and a wine tasting will be on offer.

I also have a week in Corsica, the Corsica Spring Safari. I have worked a lot in Corsica over the years, but had neglected Corsica for a few years to concentrate on different spring venues, notably my new home region of Provence. Due to popular demand and my own desire to go there, I went back to Corsica with a group in June 2015 and the trip was a huge success, so we did it again in 2017 and it was even better. The trip is a week of day hikes from 3 different bases, hence the "safari" name. Whilst we stay in the northern half of the island, our hikes take us into very varied scenery, both coastal and mountain and we get a real feel for this fascinating place. Prices include guided hiking, accommodation (bed and breakfast) and a certain number of evening meals.

Meet 22 April 
Gorgeous Provence 1280€ 

Provence is a region of rivers, soaring cliffs, fabulous coasts and deep gorges gouged out by fast flowing turquoise water running down from limestone plateaus. This is a new trip (or in fact an old one of mine revisited). We’ll start in the "arrière pays Niçois" with a coupl e of beautiful walks that will take us into the hills just north of Cannes and Grasse with amazing views of the Med, then we’ll head north along the famous Route de Napolean, to Castellane, the gateway to the renowned Verdon Gorge. 3 hotel bases, good food, great wine and spectacular views are assured.

Meet 5 May

Classic Provence: Summer flowers and scenic summits 1295€/

This is my original 6 day Provence trip, the classic: 5 day walks in the stunning region of the Drôme, known for its lavender, olives, wild scenery and charming villages. One day off mid - week for other activities - gentle cycling, sight - seeing or just relaxing. 1 Dinner not included. Fabulous hikes, great viewpoints, wonderful food and wine....

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Meet 19 May
Hidden Provence 1350€  Confirmed
6 days of hikes in northern Provence, around Grignan / Nyons and around the Saou forest region, little known outside France but home to some of the best and most spectacular hiking south of the Alps. Our two contrasting hotel bases both offer a warm welcome in quite different but equally stunning situations. Being on the edge of Provence we’ll still be able to enjoy the renowned cuisine and wines of southern France.

Meet 2 June
Corsica Spring Safari 1510€  Confirmed
6 days of hiking with 3 different bases will allow us to make our way around the northern part of this spectacular island, known equally for its striking granite peaks and its beautiful beaches. Our walks will take us to wonderful hidden valleys, through old villages and to secret beaches only accessible by foot or boat. 4 dinners included. We’ll enjoy the splendid Corsican cuisine and local wines and beers. Not to be missed.

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Here’s what 2017 looked like in Provence and Corsica

Corsica hiking Provence hiking Vaison la Romaine castle
Vulture provence
Corsica hiking GR20 Corsica hiking GR20 Hiking Corsica coast


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