First of all I must explain that Trekking in the Alps is not a travel agency and does not have the right to sell package holidays.
The trip price can be split into 2 parts. Firstly there is the cost of guiding, organisation and the guide's expenses (travel, accommodation). Then there is accommodation, transport and, in the winter, gear rental.
A total price is given for each trip as most people prefer to pay everything upfroLavender Provence swallow tail butterflynt so as not to have to pay the accommodation etc along the way. But you can ask for a breakdown of the trip price if you wish. Equally you can choose to pay your accommodation costs yourself. 
for some trips, I am working towards having people pay the accommodation themselves but this only seems to work for private groups, based out of one lodging. 

All treks and holidays meet the evening before the walking begins. We meet in a hotel, where accommodation is costed on double occupancy of rooms. Single rooms, where available, incur a single supplement.
All trek and holiday prices include (unless otherwise stated): 

• guiding services
• the guide's expenses 
• bed, breakfast and evening meal from the meeting evening to the morning of the day after the end of the trek / holiday 
• planned cable cars and valley transport during the trek / holiday

Hiking Mont Blanc ChamonoxNot included in the trek price

• transport to and from the meeting place
• lunch food
• drinks
• rescue insurance

Important information regarding prices:
Prices are in € because mainly my costs are in €. I can accept payment in sterling for the holiday deposit. For payments from the outside Europe please pay the € price either by bank transfer - bank details supplied on request - or Paypal. 

On this note, often I request the balance payment in cash in the currency of the holiday (€ or Swiss francs) as I have to pay for the accommodation and many places don’t take credit card. Moreover, each time I pay by credit card I pay a charge so for me the inclusion of accommodation charges is purely and simply for the client’s convenience. You are more than welcome to pay these accommodation costs yourself during the trip if you want to do that. 

Additional costs are often van rental, days spent organizing and checking the trek and lift or transfer charges during the holiday. A full breakdown of costs for any particular holiday is available from me on request.