This is where Trekking in the Alps started and each summer I still guide lots of different treks.  These range from the old classic favourites such as the Tour of mont Blanc and the Chamonix Zermatt Walker’s Route, to newer but well established treks such as the Tour of the Matterhorn, the Tour of Monte Rosa (both of whom have guidebooks written by me) and the Gran Paradiso Trek. I also offer lesser known treks such as the Tour of Mont Ruan and the Tour of the Muverans. I make up my own treks sometimes such as the Not the Tour of Mont Blanc which has proved to be quite popular.
Multi day treks

Multi day treks are either an A to B journey or they are a cirular route starting and finishing in the same place. On the circular tours we start and finish at the same hotel and all excess gear can be left there.  On A to B journey treks then gear can still be left at the starting hotel and either you’ll come back there at then end or your gear will be transferred to the finishing point.  

Huts are used on these treks, some ofn which might be quite basic, some very luxurious. There could also be some hotel accommodation en route, according to the itinerary.  

Many treks have variations in itinerary and I will always try to choose the most spectacular, probably the highest and least travelled way for my groups. Having lived and guided in the alps for many years I know the routes well and can choose the best way and the best places to stay.

A trek will be a very memorable experience, a journey, with a huge feeling of commitment and possibly apprehension at the start but an even greater feeling of acheivement at the finish. Treks can be an emotional roller coaster, like a lifetime compressed into a short few days, when you’ll literally have highs and lows, bond as a team with other group members and probably sruprise yourself with the reserves of energy and strength that you dig into to give yourself the experience of a lifetime.